Hey, thanks for stopping by. The above video is a glimpse into my sound design process. Below you'll find selected works from my post-production portfolio.


Client: Voltage
Role: Sound Design / Mix
About: Fiction podcast drama from writer / director J.E. Peterson.

Client: Glisten +
​Role: Sound Design / Mix
About: Upcoming fiction podcast starring Olivia Trujilo. Completed and slated for release in 2024.

Client: The National Conference of State Legislatures
​Role: Sound Design / Mix
About: The history, characters and stories of state legislatures in America.

Client: Himalaya
Role: Edit / Mix
About: Audio course from bestselling author, Mark Manson.

Client: Himalaya
Role: Sound Design / Mix
About: Immersive storytelling podcast featuring David Bowie.

Client: Guinness World Records
Role: Sound Design / Mix
About: Podcast series about 2022 Guinness World Record holders.



Custom sfx

Sound Designer / Mix Engineer

Sound designer / Mix Engineer

Custom music license

Unofficial sound design (just for fun), as the original is music only... a good choice IMO, but what would this world sound like? Well, here ya go!

Assistant sound designer


(composer / mix engineer)